Sometimes I sill think and feel like people are out to get me. I don’t even know if anyone ever has been out to get me, but the feeling used to haunt me growing up. When things didn’t go my way or when someone didn’t go with my ideas I thought that that person/these people had an agenda towards me. Everything was personal. It is a horrible way to live, and it is also thinking low about others. No one who is in a good place tries to sabotage for another person. If someone tries to sabotage for you, then that person is the one who is carrying weight. Me thinking that a person is trying to sabotage for me, is me sinking to that persons level. I’m done believing people are against me. That every time things doesn’t go my way; its an attack towards me. The solution is just to ask “why did you do this?” in an interested way, not accusing? Usually the answer makes a lot of sense and I can live my happy life without paranoia.

It is Monday people; lets see the love in the world. Expect that people want to do you good. People are beautiful. If they are acting non-loving; give them a hug.

68 thoughts on “Paranoia”

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