People. emotion. self.

A lot of people are angry, rude and mean and expect people to be nice back to them. They expect to be loved and looked after but aren’t willing to love and care for others. What I’ve found is that the more you care for others, and the more you love, the love you give returns back to you. Maybe not from everyone, but from yourself. When I’m angry and rude, I don’t like myself. I don’t like being a person who annoy other people with shit that doesn’t matter. I don’t like me being angry at people and stuff that I have no control over.

But, I love me when I can see other people’s anger and rudeness as an opportunity to create love in the world. I love when I don’t let things get to me. I love when I can smile, and someone smiles back. Because I smiled. I love when I do something for someone and they are grateful. I love helping people. I love the person that I am when I can do all these things. So, if I let shit and anger get to me, I will not only get sad and angry myself, I will not like the person that I become. But If I turn the anger and sadness into love and happiness, I will like myself, and I might even spread that joy to the next person. Not giving in t other people’s shit means that there will be room for love. And that is all I need to have room for in my life.

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