Sometimes you just know that you are being silly, but you can’t help yourself. Yesterday was one of those days. My energy levels were down, and my PMS was quite noticeable. It is crazy how hormones can affect you. Or am I choosing to let them effect me? At this point I wouldn’t know how to change, and choose not to let them affect me, but I’m going to figure out a way. I told Adrian at one point yesterday not to listen to me today and just laugh at me, or hug me. The second after, literally, something fired me up (something really pathetic) and I stormed off like a child (on my bike. with my helmet on.) and I had to meditate and have a nap when I got home. I do take evening prime-rose witch is suppose to help with moodiness, and lately it hasn’t been this bad. I’ve got a feeling that it is a combination of working a lot, hay fever and probably some shit with the moon or something that just makes it a lot more intense this month.

Anyway, what do you do in these sorts of situations? It is Monday and I’m going to have the best week. I’m not letting this little hormone party inside me take over my life and ruin my day or my week. I’m going to be nice to myself, go to an energizing yoga class, give myself a lot of love, and give love to people around me. This is when it is the most important to be nice to myself. I’m going to be a person I’m proud of today. PMS or not.

116 thoughts on “PMS and LOVE”

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