Reset my body – happy body lifestyle

I’m super excited to start Marissa’s – Rocket & beets, happy body lifestyle program in one week. ( After yesterdays inspiration-bomb I just want to get on it now. But I think a week to prepare is perfect. Inspiration was slapping me in the face several times yesterday. Amanda was there (I love her!!). We used to feed each others coffee-addiction. A lot. At work. She also used to feed me fresh carrots from her parents garden (I love her!) Now she works at Crossfit Victoria. I always want to drink coffee with her. And now she stopped coffee. It made me feel a little sad. But also inspired. Like, right now I don’t want a life without coffee, I genuinely love it. But as a chaser of just wanting to feel better and better, she told me that her energy is just constantly up, (jumping on the walls up) and that is all I want. Sometimes I’m scared that coffee defeats its purpose sort of. So with the Happy Body lifestyle program I’ll start on Monday, I’ll go off coffee for a month and test it myself. This week I’ll step down to one per day (and not one triple-shot as usual). I’m just inspired to feel amazing. To reset my body with this program. Im jumping on the walls.

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