Reverse engineering

Today I reverse engineered my goals. I have a lot of new goals and ideas popping up in my head. And although I love feeling inspired and creative, I feel like I will end up like a nameless pizza if I don’t figure out how to focus, what to focus on, and do everything with patience and precision. I am one of those inpatient people who want’s things to be done before I’ve even started. This time I’ll make sure that I actually enjoy building on my dreams, slowly. Not rushing to reach the end-product. Living to grow with my goals. Because If we can’t find harmony in happiness in trying to achieve goals, we will never feel content, happy and satisfied with where we are.

 I always want to improve, always want to set goals, but I’m determined to enjoy where I am whilst reaching for more. So today I made my goals clear so I know where I’m going, I picked them apart so I sort of know how I’m getting there, and I figured out what I can do now, in order to get closer to the end goal. Which won’t be the end goal, because by then I know I’ll have an even bigger, more exciting and amazing goal waiting for me.

Goals can always change, but once you’ve figured out what you want, you will find a new excitement in every day, because you know that you are doing what you are doing for a reason. And that reason is your dream.

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