I often find myself rushing around to nowhere. I throw things around in the kitchen like my life is depending on it, I rip out all my clothes when I’m getting dressed, I eat like I’m in prison and I’m scared that someone will steel my food. I’m rushing to the quarter past train but always end up on the five past one. It can be very exhausting, but also very unhealthy. I’m trying to catch myself in these moments and just stop, breath and continue like a person, because

I’m more acting like a thing than a person. When I rush eating I end up eating too much, or too much of weird stuff and I don’t feel like the food is fueling me, more exhausting me. I’ve noticed that the days when I’m just a rushing mental-case I feel unsatisfied. I think that that is because I don’t stop.

I need to make sure that I sit down and eat calmly. It is a good way of breaking up the day, but also a good way of getting to know my body, what it need and how much of what it needs. There is nothing better than feeling truly nourished and reset after a meal.

81 thoughts on “Rushing”

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