Self talk

Where do we draw the line between bragging and talking good about yourself? I’m always scared of bragging, scared of saying good things about something that I do or that I have done, because I’m scared of failing and scared of people thinking less of me than I do. I have lived my whole life talking myself down, because I then think that success will be more… acceptable. I will not be under any pressure “having-to” succeed, because I believed that I will fail anyway.

I couldn’t believe in myself, because if I did, I would look stupid if I failed. I have lived my life expecting the worst because then you never get disappointed. Living like that I think restrict you from getting what you want. How can I get what I want if I don’t believe that I will get it? It’s like I’m not worthy. It is that victimizing thing once again. Saying that I can’t. Trying to please people by talking myself down. Well, there is other ways to please people.

The past year I have trusted myself 100%. I tell myself that I’m the best me there is. I know that I can do anything that I want. It is an amazing new relationship we’ve got; me and I. And one thing I’ve learnt it that: when you “fail” something, knowing you have done your absolute best, it is never a fail; it is a lesson. Failing is when you never try because you are to scared to loose.

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