Shit days

Soo, I just tried, the other day, to have a morning when I just rush around like a headless chuck, spill everything everywhere (like putting coffee in a blender and spray it everywhere)… Then I said, fuck this and the rest of the day followed in the same restless pattern until I surrendered on the couch.

Well today I decided to do everything different and I made sure that I did not stress whilst doing anything. I took many deep and calming breaths, I smiled to everyone I met on the street for my morning walk, like the happy psycho that I am, and then I made the best breaky, toast without the toast. So far this day has been so much better than the other day. I will blame the pms-curse (that returning bastard of a curse) although It is still good to realize that you can put a stop to the sloppiness just by being aware of that you are being a mess.

161 thoughts on “Shit days”

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