Surround yourself with amazing people!

My whole life, all I’ve wanted has been to fit in, to be happy and proud of whom I am, and to feel like I’m worth something, worth the best in life.

My whole life (until now) I’ve felt like everything I’ve done has been fake. I’ve been fake. I haven’t felt like I belong in most situations.

My whole life all I’ve wanted is to be happy, and I’ve gone through heaven and hell in my search for internal and external happiness.

What I’ve learnt and wish I could tell myself back then is that I did fit in, I just didn’t allow myself to. I thought that everyone was better than me, in almost all situations, but they were not. I just allowed myself to think they were and therefor I felt less off than they were and therefor I felt that I didn’t fit in.

 I’ve learnt that whom you surround yourself with is amazingly important to where you are, how you see yourself, and where you are going. I have been around many cold people, many sad people, and many people whose values haven’t been aligning with my core values, and that has thrown me off. I’ve tried to adopt their values and that made me get lost. I’m not blaming anyone; I am the one choosing who I surround myself with, but my choices in the past made me miserable and lost. And my choices today, whom I surround myself with and whom I choose to be inspired by have opened up a whole new world to me. I’m not just more motivated and driven, I’m also more secure in myself and what I’m capable of than I’ve ever been. And the more I surround myself with people who want to improve their life and others, and who care about other people, who care about helping others, and who are inspired by living, creating and learning, the more do I grow. The more I allow myself to grow. I want to be around people who care about love, understanding, and equality. Who treat people with respect and kindness. I want to be around people who love life, themselves and the world.

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