Sweaty Love

 This week have been amazing. So much love, endorphins. Happy people. I have a lot of love for my job and all the people I work with. All of them. I have been working out and breakfasting almost every day this week, with all happy people who just inspire me so much. For a lonely swede, (me) who only knew my boyfriend and his friends when I moved here, Lululemon is the best job ever to have. I only work with people who have the exact same (not completely obviously) interests and view on life as I have. I love that hanging out, outside of work, with everyone is not about getting blind, piss and vomit on the street, it is about vomit because you work out so hard and then eating the best breakfasts this city has to offer. I love this. It is 11pm and I have already biked 30km, done a workout and had an amazing breakfast with amazing wonderful people. Happy beautiful Friday, Happy life.

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