The circle of control

One thing that yoga, mindfulness and Lululemon have in common is that they all teach me different things about how one could view life. When things are hard, they teach us a way out teaches us strategies of how we can take charge of situations or find peace in stressful environments. My Laura at work recently told me, us, to view our life as we were in the middle of a circle with one inner circle: the circle of control, which represent things that we can affect, things that we have the power to control and change if we are not happy with where we are. The inner circle is stuff as who you choose to be friends with, where you work, how you invest your money, how you work-out, what you eat, what your standards are and how you live up to your standards. It is basically the power of choice and being aware of that you actually choose how to live your life.

The outer circle: the circle of concern, represents all the things around us, which we are not in control of. Nature, what other people are doing, thinking, time, the world, traffic. We have to find a way to not let the outer circle effect us. It is no point stressing out about things that aren’t possible for us to do something about. A lot of people tend to stress about the traffic, the weather and what other people say or doesn’t say. I do it sometimes too, and it is such a waste of time and energy. Time and energy you could use to do what you actually can do.

 What we should focus on is all the things that we actually can do something about. All those things in our inner circle; our mindset, how we do what we are doing, how we choose to view challenges, and how we treat others and ourselves. If we can understand and really live a life were we take control of all things we are capable of being in control of, do our best, don’t compare our best to other people; simply be the best version of ourselves, I believe we would feel a much greater harmony in our mind and body.

Today: Think about what you are wasting energy on, that isn’t in your circle of control? And ask yourself if your could use that energy towards something you are actually in control of.

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