The grass is always greener

I have been, incredibly tired these last three days. Like. Tired tired. But I’m glad that I did not have that crazy headache, just some tension behind my forehead. I’ve been asleep at nine with no chance what so ever to fight it and stay up. It’s kind of cosy, but now I just want to get my jump on the walls energy back. Luckily my Matcha tea just arrived, and I had to make one strait away. Cause I love it.

I love to make it like my coconut-proof coffee but with matcha tea instead. I also dump a little turmeric in on top of the coconut oil. and sometimes some cayennepepper. and cinnamon. and blend it in the mixer. If I drink green tea on an empty stomach I get really nauseous for some reason. Buy not if I put coconut oil in. win win.

50 thoughts on “The grass is always greener”

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