Tick that shit

I woke up today feeling glad and energized. Well, not at the buzz of the alarm, but after laying and thinking about what the day would bring, I felt like going for a run. It was raining, but I rarely feel the urge to run, so when I do I just have to go with it. So happy I did. It was stunning. It was dark when I started, and slowly I could see the world waking up in a pink light. With a warm drizzle from time to time. Sometimes I run just to get it over with, but today I tried to remind myself  not to rush, and enjoy the view and the people I met. It was light when I got home, after an 11km run along the beach. I jumped into the shower and the day hit me. I have so much stuff I want to get done today. Like shit things, that all clogged my brain. Cut my toe-nails, pay dads speeding fine, emails, meal-prep, working on my goals, read, relax.. I just felt overwhelmed. Stressed.

 The best thing I can do for myself in these situations when you feel like you want to be able to relax, but you cant relax until you have got some of your shit sorted is to write a list, and do one thing at a time. My usual go to is to start with everything at the same time, which only creates more chaos in my head. So I took a deep breath, cut my toenails, wrote a list, ticked off the toenails and then went on with the speeding-fine, the emails and then I could have breakfast in peace. When shit gets overwhelming and you can only see an army of tasks marching towards you, you have to just sit down for one minute, write a list and just starting to tick things off. It is the best feeling to see that list grow smaller. That is my pleasure of the today.

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