Turn your life around

So many of the most successful people seem to come with a story. A story of a past life in which they were suffering in one-way or another. Most of the successful people I read about or listen to have chosen to turn the suffering into something big, great and basically create their dream life with the power they managed to gain from all their suffering. They understand that if they want change, they will have to make that change themselves, create that change. They have to turn their lives around.

 Then you hear about people and families who win millions of dollars on lottery or inheritance and whose life turn to shit because of that one big lump sum of money. Basically they are given the economical opportunity to turn their lives around but they are not mentally prepared to take advantage of it. I’m trying to think what I can learn from this. One of my goals in life is financial freedom through a fulfilling life, so that I can travel where and when I want to, see my family in Sweden when I want to, have a house big enough for them to come and stay here whenever they want to. And I’m thinking, and asking myself, what I have that can give me that edge of trust in myself, that I have what it takes to create my dream?

 My troubled past have given me an emotional perspective on life. I feel like my happiness and love for happiness comes from a place where I had no happiness and emotional safety. I simply cannot and will not ever take my happiness for granted ever. I have now slowly grown the courage to trust myself and that I am actually capable of creating my dream life, if I just keep building on my dream, keep encouraging myself, keep listening to what the world needs, and keep shutting those doubtful voices inside and outside my head down.

I have never been homeless, I have always had so much love coming from my family, I just haven’t been open to receive it.  I have always had people who trust me, like my mum who always trusted me even when I failed her over and over and over again, and even when I didn’t trust myself she always said “I trust you”. I think what I’m trying to say is that the world is all out there for everyone, everything is there for everyone, it is just how we choose to live that decides where we will go and how far we can go in life. You don’t need to have hit rock bottom in order for you to turn your life around, and in order for you to create a better life. You just have to do it. And you don’t have to have a miserable story to tell. The motivation is within all of us, and we can bring it out whenever we choose to, we just gotta figure out how. But if I could figure out how to choose happiness, and how to truly love myself and the world, I’m sure that I can figure all the rest out as well.

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