Turning shit into gold

I don’t quite get the saying “you cannot change anyone, you can only change yourself”. I mean, I understand where it’s going but not quite how to go there. Am I suppose to change who I am in order to change others? what if I don’t want to change? Do I have to change? Today a part of that might have clicked for me. I don’t have to change me. I might have to change how I act and deal with certain people in order to be understood. I am a highly sensitive person. I feel a lot. When people speak to me in a way that isn’t with a lot of love and excitement I tend to get suspicious, sad and anxious. Do they hate me? Am I a bad person? Do the rest of the world hate me too? All these shit questions pop up in my head. I make assumptions.

 Lately I’ve started to realise that things aren’t always as they seem. And even they are, if I know that I’m doing a good job, being a good human, spreading joy and happiness in this world, then it doesn’t matter how angry, stressed and irritated people around me might be. If I want to change them, I need not to take on their issues, or get defensive and fight back,  because then I just fuel their sad behaviour. If I take the negativity on, that means that there will then be one more negative person walking around spreading shit vibes in the universe. And that would be a crime. But if I stop, maybe ask a question rather than make an assumption, or meet these people with calmness and joy, then I might have turned one shit-face into a smiley-face in the end. And that’s a win.

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