Turning things around

The other day I was going out on my morning bike-ride before breaky. I was tired. It was cold outside, but I was happy to get my body moving. I then met a couple of obstacles along the way from the bedroom to the ride.

  1. The helmet was gone

  2. I had to pump the tires on the bike

  3. It was cold

  4. The saddles had to be adjusted

  5. The chain popped whilst the saddle got adjusted

When the chain popped I said “let’s not bike today, we can do something else”. Five small obstacles were all it took for me to give up and do something else. I felt week and fragile. Cold. I could have gone back to put more clothes on, but at this time I just wanted to get this show on the road. (don’t tell anyone but I actually cried a little).

I started to reflect on what set me off. Like, it’s actually quite pathetic. What make me quit, and what goes on in my head when I reach that breaking point? I was so happy when I finally got a bit warm on my bike, with a view over the ocean, sun was shining. And I was prepared to give up just because I had the wrong helmet, and getting the bikes ready would take five to ten minutes longer than I’d expected. And I started to cry. Time to raise my standards.

 My mountain biking nutritionist of a friend Karen Hill then told me to make a game out of my un-comfortableness. When I hit challenges in my life, when I’m forced out of my comfortable zone I have to see it as a game, I have to make it into something fun. I could stand around waiting, or I could dive in and start solving the problems. I should take action, act to solve a problem, not let go. Life is my game and if I don’t find it fun and play it, no one will.

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