unpredictable life

I love routines. They make me feel safe, home, and calm. I love lists, schedules, and consistency. My love for plans also make me vulnerable to change. Change scares me, or maybe it more stresses me out? When plans don’t go my way, I loose the ground under my feet. I’m reaching for something to claw on to. I’m falling.

I need time do adapt to new circumstances. Most times nothing bad ever comes from change. Most times I look back and laugh at myself for stressing so much. For letting it affect me. Most times change brings improvement, if I’m open to it. Because really, what is the worst thing that can happen when things doesn’t go my way? I’m trying to view everything as a challenge rather than a problem, and I’m actively trying to live outside of my comfort zone. Because that is life. I can do so much more than my comfort zone allows me to do, I just need to grow some balls and have some goddamn faith in myself.

Sometimes I feel like I’m writing in clichés. Carpe diem style. I don’t care, because when you really feel like those cliché sayings are true, they can be quite amazing. Not just another beautiful quote. Actually an indication, and an encouragement. That life is magical.

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