The key to everything- cold showers!

My love for cold showers keep growing bigger. It is almost magical. I can feel so tired, mentally and physically, and then I have an ice cold shower, and it’s like I’ve woken up from a ten-hour sleep without feeling drowsy. It’s like I’ve had the strongest coffee in the world. Everything feels fresh and clear. I fucking love cold showers! I honestly think that cold showers in combination with a healthy diet and meditation is the key to all good life has to offer. It is life-changing.

 I’ve always sort of known that cold showers are good. You always see athletes standing in the cold water to let their muscles recover, and if you briefly google the subject a lot of research are pointing towards cold showers and increased immune system. But it wasn’t until I heard a Joe Rogan podcast with guest Rhonda Patrick I understood how much cold showers actually affect our bodies and brains. I just got so curious of the benefits of cold therapy. I did a mild cyber-stalk and found Dr Rhonda Patrick’s instagram and website; she is seriously cool. And educating. It’s not just pretty pictures on food; you learn shit about your body and brain from her instagram. Like what kale, broccoli and eggs contain, on a “medical-language-level” that I don’t always understand (read never), and exactly why it’s good for you and what it does to our brain and body. I love to know, even if I don’t always understand it all.

 I found a research Dr Rhonda had done on her website ( and just reading it made me understand why I felt so good after taking cold showers. I mean, this is serious shit.  Cold showers, and the even more advanced cold therapy form: cryotherapy has been suggested to improve mood, memory, metabolism, fat burning and improve your endurance training, but also increase a type of hormone in your body witch act as an anti-inflammatory agent; norepinephrine. Norepinephrine and its inflammatory-fighting properties play a big role of deceases of inflammatory such as arthritis and depression. Apparently inflammation decreases the brains release of serotonin, so with the release of norepinephrine it fights the inflammation so that the brain can produce serotonin.

 Norepinephrine is not just a hormone, it also a neurotransmitter which play a huge part in attention, focus and your mood. And when you have low levels of Norepinephrine you generally have low energy and mood. In one of her own podcasts she interviewed Ray Cronise, former material scientist at NASA, now a huge experimental metabolism and nutrition investigator (he is on day 23 on a water fast when the interview is made). He recommend doing 10sec warm shower-20sec-cold, and end on cold shower. It really helps your body experience all of those amazing things.

 If you have cold showers in the morning you get more energetic and focused, but if you have them at night, say one hour before bed, you actually improve your chances of having a “sleep like a log” kind of experience (I totally thought that it made you more awake?). That is if you don’t interrupt your brain with blue light from your phone, computer and tv. But I usually lay down in front of the TV after my cold shower and I still sleep like I haven’t slept for days.  It’s all so cool. If you are interested in this you have to read her article, it will give you so much more than I can explain! Like how cold showers actually effect and improve brain-function and even brain damage. Everything that she does is founded by her readers and listeners through crowd founding. This is the sort of shit I want to support! So today, a casual Thursday like this, I give you the gift of Rhonda Patricks. If she ever read this: Thank You for sharing your knowledge!

 I run past these crazy people every morning I run. 7.30am in 10(°C). They obviously get it!

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