Bring back balance


My blog has been under construction. I therefore  haven’t been able to send out mymondaylove emails. I’m working on that so that soon they will pound like a heart in your inbox again.  Basically the blog and I has been out of balance, but now we are bringing it back to centre. One step at a time.

What do you do when you feel out of balance?

Being out of balance scares me. It’s like I’m loosing control but cant be bothered taking it back. To start all over again. Although I know that I’m not starting over again, sometimes a tiny step back can make it feel like you have lost everything you’ve worked for. That’s when it’s most important to know that anyone, even me, is capable of going back, of making good decisions. From now on. Every decision I make I either follow my dream or taking a step back from it. I either get closer or grow the distance.

It’s always easy to plan a change. It’s easy to decide to get better at something, or deciding to get healthier and start exercising, save money or whatever it is that you need in order to get closer to your dream life. What’s harder is to choose the right path when it actually gets to the point. When you have to choose between doing or not doing. When you have to choose between what you think you want now and what you know you’ll appreciate more later.

We can all talk, and plan, and think, but then, when it comes to the doing part, sometimes we get lost in the endless maze of options. We have so much to choose from that it’s hard to see what’s “right” when we actually have to make a decision. I’ve been imbalanced lately, and I am not a big fan of that feeling. And I can either choose to complain and plan a change, or I can start making tiny good decisions that will take me back to where I want to be. Happy, satisfied and content. From today on I will choose to go towards my ideal self with every decision I make. From what I eat to how I talk to myself. All small, tiny steps matter.

Happy monday <3



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