Back to work after a holiday


Studio PP, Melbourne

It’s always a bit weird to get back into normal routines after a long holiday. You go from not having to do anything, be anywhere on the other side of the world into having to be somewhere. Having to be where you were before. I’m super lucky to have a job where I’m surrounded by people that is also my friends. I laugh a lot at work. I can do handstands, and be in comfortable clothes and try to make as many people as possible happy. I’m lucky in that way.

Like I’ve said Sweden changed me. I now feel more relaxed, less stressed with my body and diet; I just want to do what’s best for my body and not listen to my brain when it tries to tell me that I have to work out three times a day and eat no carbs. Sweden changed my relationship with my brain.

I try to catch myself in the thinking process and ask if I can instead just find peace in this situation

When I got back to work, instead of wakening up old habits of constantly thinking about what time my brake is, when I can eat next, how hungry I am, if I’m tired, why I’m tired, do I need a coffee, do I need a tea… I was constantly thinking about what external things I needed in order to be content and satisfied. Instead of falling back into that stressed thinking pattern I try to catch myself in the thinking process and ask if I can instead just find peace in this situation? Can I just be happy with being a little tired? Maybe a little hungry? I will never starve. Instead of thinking “if only this, then I could be happy” I think that this is what I’ve got right now, how can I be peaceful and happy here, now.

In the end, life happens. We can choose, in every situation in life, to be at peace with the situation, or we can stress and still not change the situation. So far, choosing to be in peace with what I’ve got here and now has been the winning option, without a single exception.

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