Sometimes it can be hard to understand that what keeps me motivated might not be what give someone else his or her drive. It can be frustrating, especially since you spend so much time in your own head.

What used to motivate me was also the thing that drove me crazy. That perfect body. It wasn’t so much a motivator when I think back at it, it wasn’t like I got heaps of energy and willingness to be healthy and move. It steered up more frustration than motivation. The ideal body wasn’t a golden carrot to keep me happily going, it was a panic and frustration since I was convinced that I couldn’t enjoy life unless that body was already in my possession. So the perfect body controlled me, consumed me.

What motivate me now are health, energy and happiness. I want to feel good. It’s amazing to now have got feeling good as a top-motivator. When the perfect body was the only answer to happiness I couldn’t fulfil my health needs, nor my energy needs. I couldn’t eat what gave me energy and fullness because that, ridiculously, contradicted my fight for my ideal body.

I understand now that it’s important to have goals that are aligned with one another. I’ve always thought that my goals in life were supporting each other. But I see now that they were actually contradicting goals. Sometimes there is just the finest of lines between support and something totally working towards what you are investing your time in, your life in.

I understand now that it’s important to be clear with what you actually want, and why you want it. The why has to be as clear as the want, and the how will soon fall into place. When the why and the want are on the same page, how is never a question, because the why and want is enough motivation to kill all confusion. Even when the how is hiding, the motivation is there to make you look through all hidden places, no matter how long it will take. To find that how.

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