Why am I doing this?


To continue of yesterdays subject; motivation. We have all got different things that motivates us. Depending on where we are in life and how we got there our wants and why’s differs. That’s the charm of life. Life, that constant change. Constant growth. Since we also change, our wants and why’s change, and sometimes we loose track of that motivation. What used to motivate us, drive us, isn’t the same anymore. What now?

Change can make you feel lost. Alone. It can make you feel scared of who you are, or who you thought you were. It can make you feel scared because you might loose the ground you so long have been standing on. As scary as loosing your whys might be, it is a part of growth. A part of life.

It is important to question your why’s. Question what you are doing. Because if you don’t, if you constantly live life on autopilot, you might wake up one day and wonder where the hell everything went wrong? When did you stop growing with yourself? When did you stop living?

If you keep questioning what you are doing and why, if you stay connected to it, then you’ll catch yourself when that why change. If what you do and what you want isn’t the same anymore, staying connected to your motivation and your drive will help you on your way through life. Through growth and change. Challenge and success.

The question is so simple. “why am I doing this?”


50 thoughts on “Why am I doing this?”

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