Comparing yourself with others

IMG_4757 People who inspire me are those who do things wholehearted. People who inspire me are those who doesn’t complain, but instead make the best out of each situation. It’s also those who take time to do what they love to do, and not just keep doing shit that they think that others want them to do. There is nothing more inspiring than a person who do what they love and love what they do.

I’m not always that person. Bu I always admire that person. I aim to be that person. What I’ve learnt though is not to compare myself with others. I do that a lot and I have to constantly snap out of it and see me for who I am, not for who I am compared to someone else.

Life isn’t a competition, and it doesn’t matter what you are in comparison to someone else if you aren’t working towards being the best of your ability.

I usually think about what others can manage to do in a day, what workouts people do compared to what I do, what others eat, where they live, how they act etc. But none of that matters. If I try to do what everyone else do to be like them, that isn’t going to fulfill me, and it’s not going to make me a better person. It is only going to make me feel worse about me, because I am not doing all these things for me. I’m doing it because other people are doing it.

I find it easier to compare myself to others than not. But I now consciously make an effort not to compare myself with people around me. From time to time I have to remind myself of this, since I’ve lived for so long just comparing myself to everyone on earth without giving myself any credit.

And ever since I started to run my own race, do what makes me purely happy, practice gratitude for what I’ve got, and stop pushing myself to do things because someone else is doing it I feel so much more relaxed. I also feel like I’m more settled in my own body. I feel so much happier for what I’ve got and who I am and I can also be happier for others when good things happen to them. When I love me, I can love others.

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