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I’m not a big shopper. As a matter of fact, when Adrian and I are in the city or in a shopping mall I usually wait outside the shops whilst he gois in looking and trying stuff on. I love walking around people watching, but actual shopping make me bored and tired. And don’t you get me started on trying on stuff. That is the worst part of shopping. Getting dressed is not up there on my favourite things to do and if I could I would sleep in the clothes I was going to wear the next day. It has actually happened that I’ve done that. More than once.

So, I do work in a shop that sells clothing witch is more than convenient since I can just buy everything I wear there. When it comes to feeling good and looking nice though, when I go out for dinners etc, I do always feel like such a dag going out in my work-clothes. I’m a super comfortable person. Denim jeans I stopped wearing 2008 and everything that doesn’t allow all my body parts to flopp around and breathe is doomed. I need ultra stretch. Many times I’ve been eying out the pregnancy clothes. They look so comfy and nice. But then I’ve had to slap my own wrists to resist buying those stretchy jeans with a waistband from heaven. I’m certainly my mums daughter when it comes to that. Although I tend to dress a little more feminine than she. She takes my brother’s old clothes and rips the sleeves of their shirts if it’s a warm day. Instead of just putting on a cooler top. So many pants have been long at the start of a walk and ripped off unevenly when we get back.

The first time my mum met my mother in law was at a nice hotel bar in Stockholm. Mum came in a big dress and I remember thinking that she looked super cute. The dress was big and airy but she was twisting and turning uncomfortably. She excused herself and said that she couldn’t find any comfortable undies so she had been digging in my brothers underwear box and was now wearing his boxers with too little stretch in them. My mother in law just laughed and said that her and I will shop the most unnoticeable panties for her when we get back to Melbourne. And we did. She didn’t need to flip my brothers

So yesterday I panicked because I had nothing to wear. I basically have one pair of pants that isn’t running or yoga pants. I have some more but they suffocate me. All of them. And I feel like I wear the same things over and over again. I don’t just feel like that. I do wear all the same things. Over and over again. I needed some clothes. But I hate shopping. And trying. But yesterday I committed to actually get myself some normal clothes. So I stood there. Under the fluoro lighting, looking at the lumps on my body that I can never see in real light and tried on pants after pants after skirts. Until I found the perfect skirt and I bought two colours, and I’ll go back for the third one later. I found some shoes and some pants. And getting some new stuff actually refreshed me a little.

That’s what I’ve learnt in the last couple of weeks; when something works for you, buy all the colours and doubles, because the things that actually works are rare and worth having a few options of. I’m a superman closet person and I just have to accept it. Yesterday shopping made me feel really good, and now I know I won’t need to do more of the trying on thing for four years.

50 thoughts on “I needed new”

  1. Yes haha I know
    you just want/have to feel free and comfortable and you do are mums daughter 😘💕

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