We are moving


Two weeks ago Adrian and I felt like it is time for us to start our own life. Since we moved back to Melbourne we have lived with his parents which I absolutely love. We get along so well and the house is big enough so that we don’t have to live on each other. I think both Adrian and I are a bit afraid of growing up. We love having parents around, both our Stockholm parents and our Melbourne ones. But we also dream about our own place, with our choice of furniture and to actually start living our life as the two man family we are at this point.

Today we have spent the whole day house hunting which I really enjoy. I think of everything I can do with a place to make it homely. Adrian is a minimalist and I am a theoretical minimalist who loves stuff. A lot of stuff so I know that Adrian is a bit scared that I will turn our place into a dump, but I’m positive that I’ll make him love it.

We did walk in to the second place with a weird feeling in our guts. But as soon as we took the first step into the door the weird feeling got taken up by lightness. It was perfect. With a view over the ocean and it’s literally just a stone throw away from our dream house. The house we know we will live in in five years time.

We went to see all the other places, but nothing was as good as that place. We couldn’t look back after seeing this cloud of a living. I just pictured myself in there with a Christmas tree in there, cooking, and having my parents over, sleeping in the spare bed room.

Chances are obviously that we will not get it, and that’s fine. We know that it’s out there, and we know that we are ready to take the next step in life. That is kind of a cool feeling. And I’m excited for everything that will come after this.

55 responses to “We are moving

  1. Elsie Remmelman

    Hej Maya! Vad roligt att höra att ni hittat ert ställe där ni vill bo och starta upp ert eget. Jag önskar er all lycka till ert nya boende. Massor med kramar till er båda.

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