How to act as if…


In all the happiness books I read there is one thing that you simply can’t miss. They all come back to act as how you want to feel, and act as what you want is already in your possession. No doubts it works. Your body language can trick your brain into feeling happy, sad or whatever you want to feel.

But I find this super hard to do sometimes when I’m down. It’s like my body wants to feel down for a little while. And that’s ok I guess. But then, the contrasts might be so clear for me because of the industry I work in. You simply cannot afford to be grumpy at my job. It’s all about happiness and love. No room for sadness and anger. Maybe this is why I feel so frustrated sometimes, because in so many situations at work I have to make that switch when my body don’t want to?

Another thing is living as if you already have your dreams in your possession. Doing this can make you feel like you are on top of everything. That you can make everything happen. But sometimes it can frustrate the shit out of me. I’m a person who wants answers, and when I don’t have them I sometimes don’t believe that they exist. I mean I know that they do, but how will I get those answers. How will I know what to do? Because sometimes I most surely don’t know.

When reverse engineering dreams or plans or goals it all comes back to actions. Frustration will take us nowhere, if we don’t turn that frustration into grit and hunger. If the smallest actions can take you one step closer to your goal, take them.

Sometimes my goals seem so far away, and I wonder if everything I do is just a wast of time. But then I remember that I should only do the things that I truly enjoy even if they don’t go anywhere. I do things that I’ll look back on and know that even if it didn’t turned out how I was hoping it would I at least enjoyed creating it and working on it. And if you enjoy doing something; it’s never a waste of time!

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