Stop talking shit about yourself!


I see it everywhere, a lot at work, but also everywhere in our society. Girls talking their bodies down in public, showing the younger girls how they should view their body. I complimented a girl on her legs yesterday. Not in a creepy way, I promise. She was in the fitting room at work and she had amazing legs I thought. I live by the rules of if I think something positive about another person I’ll say it to them. It rarely goes wrong. And why wouldn’t I give someone a compliment if it’s honest? It’s almost rude to be holding back on positive thoughts I recon. These were healthy legs, not starving skinny, this girl had a glow that to me indicated that she was treating her body with respect.

Strait when I told her that she had beautiful legs she said “oh no they are to stubby, I don’t like them”. To me, there was nothing “stubby” about her legs. She was an Australian size 8, a small if you’d like. This scenario shows how twisted our body image are.

First, maybe I shouldn’t compliment someone on their body, you can argue that that might start some kind of obsession or whatever. I don’t believe in that. If I see something pretty with another human, it can be their laugh, freckles, smile, voice or legs, I’ll say it because I think that we all get happy when we get an honest compliment.

Everyone is guilty for passing this on to each other

Second, this is crazy. But I also understand her. I’m in her shoes too a couple of times every month. On and off I look at my thighs with negativity, I look at my arms and stomach and compare my body with others. I’ve been taught to do so. Society have taught me to do so. Everyone is guilty for passing this on to each other. But we need to stop. We can’t walk around throwing shit at what we are, who we are. Because there is only you and it doesn’t matter how much negative shit you throw on yourself, you will still be you, just a less happy you.

You can starve, or over eat, or over-exercise or stop caring, but you will still be you. How can we start accepting who we are and just start caring for our bodies like we would if it was our child’s body? Or our best friends?

I would never tell my child that he/she had to stubby legs in order for them to be considered beautiful. I would never force him/her to get up every morning to do crazy workouts in order to deserve food. I would never allow him/her to talk bad about their body. Because I would only see beauty. I would make sure that my child got the best food to create energy and a happy body environment, and move, play, exercise with only pleasure.

We have to stop talking shit about ourselves. Because in doing so we teach each other to do the same, and so we all just walk around loving and wishing we were anyone but the person we actually are. And that’s sad.

114 thoughts on “Stop talking shit about yourself!”

  1. Det är bra att barn får den tryggheten hemifrån, att inte bli värderat, jämfört med andra bara älskat som man är. Som föräldrar kan man uppmuntra sitt barn i det som det verkar gilla. Aldrig aldrig värdera. Men vad kan man göra åt världen där utanför hemmet?!!!
    Det är där den största påverkan kommer. Redan i skolan, 1:a klass blir du värderad, även fast det kanske låter; du är duktig och si och så men ändå blir värderad, DU ÄR.
    Sedan är det full fart och allt kan och är möjligt på skolgården och ditt barn blir värderat och jämfört, skolan kan inte skydda ditt barn, eller gör inte det!
    Läskigt ställe.
    Sedan har vi hela modemedian och modellerna!!!!
    Det är de här faktorerna som vi måste kämpa emot❤️

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