Fuck you, inner critic!


At our staff meeting the other day we had to confront things that we believe is true about ourselves and the life we live and lead, and question if that’s the only possible truth. We got to confront our inner critic, the one telling us that we cannot make it, that we aren’t good enough and invite some self love and… faith. I invited a new voice, one that says that if everyone can do something I actually can too. Seriously, there is a lot of things that I’m capable of, probably anything I want to do I can do if I put in the time, effort and ask the right people for help, connect with the right people. Every time my inner critic question my capability, this voice of possibility needs to speak louder, and openly question what the critic is saying. I did name her Psycho-Berta so that it will be clearer to actually have a conversation with her up there. When she tell me I can, when she question my capability, my voice of possibility and truth can tell her t shut the fuck up. It makes it easier to track her. Put her in check.

Other things came up, important things, that I’ve known but not really questioned.

“I have to or else I will get…(insert negative feelings).” I use these types of phrases a lot, and I have throughout my whole life. “I have to eat clean all the time or I’ll get fat”, “I have to workout every day or I’ll get fat”, “I have to go to bet at 9pm or I’ll get tired the day after”, “I can’t do anything after work because I will be happier at home”, “Carbs make me fat”, “I haven’t got what he/she has got so I can stop trying to achieve greater things”, “I can’t stop eating once I start”, “I will never love my body”.

These are the things that Psycho-Berta keeps telling me, and I believe her. Why? Because over time we gather up evidence that confirm that what psycho B is saying is true. Not only do I gather proof of her correctness, I look for it. And whatever you look for, you find if you believe that it’s there. Over time these believes become more and more true and it builds the life I live. So I walk around living, but with all these self made restrictions. Restrictions that actually is holding me back from living.

So, lets play with the idea that Psycho-Berta is full of shit and flip everything she tells me. “I eat what I need to nourish my body and what I feel like it needs”, “I work out only when I know my body needs to, and want to”, “I go to bed when I’m tired”, “I do what I want, when I want it”, “Food with carbs can be beneficial and provide nutrition and pleasure”, “I have got whatever everyone else have. I can do whatever I want to achieve if I’m willing to put in the time it will take to achieve it”. “I eat when I’m hungry and I quit when I’m full and content”. “I love my body”.

See there. That’s possibility. That’s living. And that’s everything I think of other people. What I think others can do, I will now act as if I can too, because I can.


Love to all the world, and a big fuck you to Psycho Berta!

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