The real world is fun!


I’m done spending time doing stuff that I don’t genuinely love. That’s how I feel. Most of the time I don’t do what I don’t want to do. Oh my god. Life is life. It’s happening now. How does one live in a world with all these musts and shoulds without participating in it, but still be apart of the love? “That’s just the way it is” I hear often. “Welcome to the real world”. The “real world” in these quotes is often referred to as a world where one has to have the 40-hour work week-package. That’s not my real world. In my real world I want to be excited for the endless options I have. I want to be out in the sun, breath the fresh air. I want to lie under the palm trees with a book or a podcast in my ears not worrying about must and shoulds. In my real world work is a part of me, and every part of me is chosen, fun and exciting. Every part of me is vibrating with interest for all of what the world has got to offer. That’s the world I want to live in. I choose to have a fun life, because that’s what I dreamed of when I was a child. And when I was a child that’s what “the real world” was all about. And for me I haven’t let go of that vision. The real world has endless fun to offer. I choose to chase it.

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  1. Inka Kiusalaas Kivinen

    Ja precis så ❤️

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