Confident people live with love


My whole life I have lived trying to be myself, which to me means that I have lived my life doing what I enjoy. Being yourself to me means that you can express your thoughts and spending your time the way you want to without caring about the consequences. My struggle have been that I at the same time tried my best to be accepted of different people. I wanted people to like me so much that I was willing to sacrifice parts of me in order to get accepted. I did things that I thought I needed to do to fit into certain groups and I talked about what I thought was appropriate to talk about in these groups. My question to myself is; why did I care about what other people thought of me when I didn’t find what they cared about important at all? Why did I spend so much time trying to fit in to a group that didn’t care about anything I cared about? I simply don’t understand why I wanted to be liked and approved by them?

I just didn’t trust in my own ability to live my life. I thought that I needed to be more like other people to get anywhere in life. I didn’t believe in me, and that’s super sad.

What is it in our brains that make us try to be someone we are not just to be approved by groups of people that might not have the same values as us? I don’t know. I just know that my mission is to to make people understand that it is a waste of your time and life trying to please other people. I realized as soon as I stopped focusing on trying to be somebody that I thought that other people wanted me to be and trying to be more who I wanted to be things slowly started to get clearer for me.

You know how people tell you to listen to yourself, what you want and what you need, I believe that you cannot listen in to yourself if you are to busy trying to listen into what other people are doing. You have to stop comparing, get rid of all your made up expectations, be still and just trust that you are good enough with your own way of living. If somebody freezes you out or can’t stand you f you are not doing what they want you to do it is only because they needed you to confirm that what they were doing was right, and if you don’t do it their way then that makes them feel lost.

Confident people can see and value other peoples individuality. They don’t listen to what other people say is right or wrong. Confident people never tell other people to make them self smaller in order to fit in in. I believe that confident people hang out with people that live with love and happiness and see freedom in life. And that’s all I want. Freedom and love.

28 responses to “Confident people live with love

  1. Inka Kiusalaas Kivinen

    Insikt efter insikt Maya, det tar sin tid men vilken tjuts man får när allt som legat i ett dunkel börjar komma fram i ljuset och ta form.
    Stor lättnad, fantastigt ❤️

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