11 things I choose in life

I am currently writing on a book about what I’ve learnt from being naïve, depressed, full of hate and anger, being lost and living in a reality where I believed that things just happened to me and I didn’t play any part in it. Writing this book has been a dream of mine since I had to write a psychology assignment about my life in year 11. I think that I am in a much better place in my life now to share my story then I was then and I know that there is a reson to why I have got this drive to publish my book now rather than back then. When I say “back then” I feel like that’s a whole different life to life as I know it now. I feel like I have become a whole different person to the person that I was without loosing myself in the process. I try to figure out how I have changed and how I got to know the real me. As I sat down and tried to break down what I have realized that has made me be able to feel excited about everything life has to offer and I felt like sharing that here.


What I have learnt about life that has made me feel happy, content, excited, full of love and beautiful from the inside and out is:

1. Listening to what I need and who I want to be, and then just choose to be that      person has given me confidence.


  1. Being around people that make me feel good and that question “things that just is” make me feel alive.


  1. Taking care of my body and mind because I want to feel good (rather than look good) is the way to feel happy and content. Always be open to new things, don’t get too stuck in routines so that I close of my mind to development.


  1. When I feel stressed, I have to break down why I feel stressed. Most of the times I then realize that I don’t have to be stressed.


  1. Listening to my emotions and try to understand where they come from and also accepting them without panicking allow me actually get to know myself.


  1. I live the life I want to live now because I don’t want to waste any time doing shit that I don’t like. Life is about growing and I want to grow in a direction of possibility and like every part of the journey.


  1. Be open minded. Try new things, walk new paths, meet new people and ask questions you want to know the answer to. That’s how I grow, that’s how I expand my life and that’s how I get rich on experiences.


  1. Seek out the truth. The truth is that there is a truth, but that truth can change. If I always try to do what is true to me now, and always be open to explore the land of truth, then I will feel like I am, and I will be on the right path in life.


  1. Live to see other people live to be happy. I am treating other people with love and honesty if they give me the chance to. I love happy, funny, open minded, excited, loving and curious people, so I choose to be one myself. I have stopped to do things because I think that that is what people expect of me, and want me to do, if that isn’t what I believe is true. Other people are only humans too, and only because somebody say something it doesn’t mean that that is the truth. I now feel, and trust what I feel.


  1. I don’t limit myself to what I think that I can be. I dream big and make it happen. I am aware of the fact that there are always actions I can take to move towards the biggest dreams that I have. Once I understand that these are actions everyone can all make, I see that the world can be whatever I want it to be.


  1. Seeing what I do have now is the way of still being present and happy in the moment whilst I am moving closer to my dream life. I have to appreciate where I am at and what I have, always choosing who I want to be in this world and being happy and grateful for how far I have come. The minute I stopped looking at what I didn’t have and who I didn’t want to be a whole new world of possibility opened up in front of me.

Choosing all of these together has made me feel content and happy with who I am. Life isn’t about doing one good thing, it’s about finding a way of choosing many good things that play a big part in your life. That’s what I believe, because it has totally worked for me. I am free.



52 thoughts on “11 things I choose in life”

  1. Maya we need to chat! We are on the same wave length girl! But you are sooo much better at articulating it hahah. Love your posts! Can’t wait to read your book! Life is waaaay to short to be unhappy, stressed etc… we met at Lulu in December. Would love to connect again!

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