F R E E D O M !


I’ve taken some time of work this January. I need to focus on myself, my dreams and… my life. For over a week I have done nothing and everything I’ve wanted. Writing articles. Writing on my book that I am aiming to publish my march this year. It is easy to become a victim of money. It is easy to let your income set the rules for your life. But if I don’t take time off to focus on my dream projects then how will they actually come true?

Deep down in the core of my soul I know that writing is my way of expression. It is how I can share myself with the world. It is how I feel like I am a part of the world. There are a lot of rules with writing. And a lot of opinions. What I have realized so far is that to me only the positive opinions matter. I can’t get stuck in listening to the critical voices because in the same way I won’t let anyone change me and how I choose to behave I will not let anyone change how I choose to express myself.

I am ok with people not liking my way of writing. I don’t follow the rule book so there will be people who believe that I should correct myself, put myself in line. There is always going to be people that will tell me to write more “correct”. That is just the way it is. This world is full of close-minded people who only appreciate what things should be like. Things that follows certain rules. I appreciate things that are created from raw emotions. And emotions don’t follow any rules. They can be totally fucked up, and still they don’t cease to exist just because somebody is under the impression that they are wrong and don’t follow the rules. Many people appreciate honesty too, and freedom. I love that. That is why I am writing. I write for myself because when I write with no rules I feel free. And I write for those who want to believe in freedom too.

20 responses to “F R E E D O M !

  1. I can not wait to read your book! We need to talk!

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