I quit my job so that I can live my dream!

Here is the deal. In my dream life I can plan weekend getaways, have dinner with my family every night, write and create things through my passions. In my dream life I don’t have to be anywhere, only where I feel that I need to be. The absolute best thing with quitting my job at Lululemon is that I now can do just that. The past few weeks I have really worked on connecting my actions to my emotions and I feel as if I am better at listening to what I actually feel like doing, rather than what I think that I should be doing.

The “safe” me once dreamed of a job in the lululemon head office, because the office is beautiful and they have mimosa Fridays and their own barista. But is my dream to work in an office every day where I have to do things that I might not really want to do but I think that I should do? Well, that is a safe dream where I don’t really believe that I can actually achieve what it is that I truly, really, honestly want to do.

I want to create happy people. With create I mean that I want to reach as many people as possible and influence them to feel happy and free with themselves. I want a little magic stick that I can touch people with and make them realise that they don’t have to be and act in a certain way. The only way they need to act and be in is to live according to what make them feel good, excited and happy inside.

Now I am on my way towards calling myself a writer and that is what I have always dreamed about, even when I didn’t even dare to dream it. But now I am committed to follow my emotions and do only what I am dreaming of doing and do it without letting my self doubt and inner critics hold me back, because that will not make me happy.

The bold and real me is dreaming about doing exactly what I am doing right now. Sitting outside on the balcony, looking out over the ocean, in the morning with a cup of tea. People that I love are walking in and out, interrupting my writing in a harmonious way. My biggest dream is that this could be my life, and it already is, so quitting what brought me away from this, my dream life, was only a momentum in my journey along this path of mine.


50 thoughts on “I quit my job so that I can live my dream!”

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