My book is actually happening

The best and most memorable school assignment I have ever done was a psychology assignment in year 11. I don’t remember what it was called but it was something along the lines of “my life’s story”. I remember pulling all my diaries out and started typing. It completely absorbed me and I felt as if I could go on forever.

When my psychology teacher read it she told me to write a book about it, or she would. I loved writing it so much because it really made me connect to my emotions, so I continued. I cried, got frustrated and felt extremely passionate about it. I opened up all the taps to my soul and through writing I felt as if I could let some of the shit out and make peace with it.

I still feel this way about writing. I carry a lot of emotions; sometimes I carry not only my own but also others around me. Sometimes I think that I carry someone’s emotions around and it turns out that it is only in my own head. When I write I feel as if I unknot my knotted knots so that my blood and emotions can flow and reach places that has been unreachable inside of me.

So, I have been writing this book since I was 16 years old and now, finally, 10 years later it is getting ready to be published. I was so scared in the beginning. I was full of doubt. I was scared that people would reed it and think that I want their empathy and for them to feel sorry for me. But after working it through a couple of times I now know that those who need it the most will feel the freedom that I feel in writing it, and I know that in the right hands it can be the starting point of someone else’s journey to freedom. My intention with this book is to inspire girls (and boys) to connect with their real emotions and not identify themselves with their thoughts.

In 10 days I will get my book back from my editor and I am so excited to finally be able to finish what I started, a decade ago, and open up space for a whole new chapter of my life.

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