I am so proud of you, my Adrian!

I have to write about this, because it makes me so extremely happy, proud and excited. Adrian and I have always had plans and big dreams together. We both know what each others dreams are and the support is always there to work with and towards each those dreams, knowing that they are actually the reality if we live in them, towards them and with them.

I remember walking along the streets where we now live together, four years ago when we had only been a couple for a few of weeks, and I asked Adrian what his dream job would be, if he could do anything in the whole world.

He didn’t hesitate for more than a second before he said that he would be a professional punter. He then went on to tell me how the market had changed and now it was all these reasons to why it would be too risky to place all your eggs in that basket. Before he started contemplating all the things that would work against him if he actually were to fulfil his dream I saw in him a person with a genuine dream and passion for something.

For now, lets just be kids.

Two years went by and we partied along together, like most couples. We argued when we were “out on the piss”, like most couples do, we both wanted the other person to know that they were wrong when we believed that we were in the right, like most couples want. We talked about our future together, knowing that we had to change, willing to do so; but not now, we thought. For now, lets just be kids.

We were both scared of “the real world” as people like to call it. The 9-5 work week in a suited up job, where we are told when to start, what to do, where to be and when to eat. We were both scared of “the real world” where the weekend and time off work is when we can actually do what we want. At that time we just wanted to live like that all the time. We weren’t ready for “the real world”. Thinking about it made us sad and stressed out. But what do you do? We had to do it, because that’s what adults should do.

After those two years of being afraid of the responsibility of “the real world” we suddenly started to understand that we only had to live in that “real world” if we chose to. There are people out there living the life that we’d like to live, where we can do everything we want to do, when we want to do it. There are people out there who take responsibility over their own dreams and decide to follow them. There are people out there that choose not to live in the “real world” and they love everything about life. The more we started to play with the idea of living our dream life together the more we realised that the only people stopping us from doing that is us.

We both had jobs, we saw it as a start, only to support us getting up on our feet. Every minute of every day we knew that we were working towards that dream. Knowing that we were working towards it made the dream already exist with us; we were already living it. And we are, now more than ever.

for once, let me step aside for a minute

We have both been working two jobs side by side. Our “the real world” jobs and our passions and dreams (our real worlds) jobs. Every day we are getting closer to our passions, because we connect with them and we believe in them. But for once, let me step aside for a minute and talk about Adrian.

Every day, every week has he gone up at five in the morning and never complained to me once that he is tired or don’t want to go work. Ever. For two years he has literally chosen to love his job at a construction site, he has chosen to learn as much as possible about the industry and about the electrical work and even though I know that sometimes he has felt as if he would rather sit at home studying his passion with the horse-races I haven’t heard him complain about it once. When he comes home he goes strait to the work I know he wishes he could do full time and I can see in the lack of brakes he takes, that he absolutely love it. It completely absorb him.

This Monday we woke up to a normal day. Adrian had the day off and we went out for a walk to get some photos developed for our vision board we wanted to put up. When we got home we put all of our biggest dreams up on the wall in front of our bed so that it is the first thing we see in the morning. The whole creation is a compromising piece and it represents everything that we love – together. The day went by and we went over to Adrian’s parents house. I did my own thing there, worked on my own projects and the next thing I knew Adrian had decided to go balls deep into his dream.

Why wait two years to finish his apprenticeship when he knew that he will never negotiate on fulfilling his dream. Why stand with one foot in the “real world” and another in “our real world” when we could both just start living, now? The life we want to live is here for us to live now and we are the only people who can live it or not live it; and we want to live it now. Once Adrian made the call to his boss, letting him know that it is time for him to focus on his own dream the whole energy in the room shifted. Finally we have all the time in the world to do everything that we want to do. It is scary; yes. But it is the good kind of scary. It is more scary to think that this feeling have had the power over us to make us not live our dream life. If this feeling didn’t exist we would already be living this life. That’s scary.

The thing is that I know that Adrian would never stop working, ever, because now his work is actually what he is interested in. It is the kind of thing he wants to do even when we are on a holiday. It is the thing he want to do on his “days off”. So why not do it all the time, especially when it will support all our dreams? Now when we are here, it’s not scary anymore, it all just make sense.

A whole new world has opened up to us, and not until now do we realise that this world has always been open to us, we have just chosen to be living in the “real world” for whatever reasons and excuses we have made up because we have been afraid of cutting loose. Now, when we both are in it, balls and all parts deep, we have received everything we have ever wanted; time and trust to actually, finally and really live.

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