Stop numbing your body’s signals!

Anorexia and eating disorders… fuck it, all depression, rehabs and shit should be paying close attention to the “patience’s” diets. The more I read about it – the more it make sense. Kelly Brogan, for example, is putting it beautifully when she says that all people even should be grateful for depression and anxiety since it is their bodies way of telling them that something is in imbalance or wrong inside. Something is being over or under-consumed or is lacking in the diet which results in a chemical or physical imbalance. Instead of adding that “missing-chemical” or vitamin in tablet form (which most likely will come with at least one side effect) we should see it as a turning point where we can take charge of the steering wheel and drive ourselves into sanity.

The thing is that that depression or anxiety that you might feel is probably not the only thing “wrong” inside of you. It would most likely be like the overused metaphor “the tip of the iceberg”. Medication can help – yes, I know that myself. Antidepressants have picked me up from many dark alleys in my life, but if I would’ve known that everything in fact is as connected on the inside as it is; I would’ve made sure that I had tried everything natural before I reached for my “last resort”.

I cant help myself from looking back at my nineteen year old, fake sugar, alcohol, caffeine, paracetamol, gluten and dairy munching self with a wonder of what might have happened if I knew enough about the chemical process happening inside of my body. I want to slap that naïve girl in the face when she said “diet coke has no calories so it doesn’t affect the body”. I want to say to her “Well, how the hell is your life working out for you then?”. But she would’ve gone berserk. She was crazy (literally). (btw, she is still crazy but now more the good crazy. you know; happily crazy!)

the happiness hormone

Look, I even learnt yesterday (from Giulia Enders, Gut – the inside story of our body’s most under-rated organ) that when we eat fruit sugar – fructose – the amino acid tryptophan links up with the fructose molecule in the digestion process. When we over consume fructose and our bodies can’t make use of all of it the body lose the sugar molecule but also all the tryptophan linked to it. We don’t produce an endless amount of tryptophan so then it turns out we use it all up if we over consume fructose. Tryptophan is needed in the body to make serotonin – the happiness hormone. Ta-da.

If you are not aware of this it is so easy to over consume fructose. It’s added in tomato sauce, yoghurts, lollies, “no refined sugar-products”-tricking you into believing they are healthy, pasta sauces and processed food in general. It is everywhere. It might say corn syrup, apple-juice or any other fruit juice – they are all the same. It all uses up the tryptophan.

This is just one of the processes in the body that shows that when we eat naively and don’t consider how the food affect our mental state we might miss out on the production of the best hormones in the world. Imagine all the other crazy processes we can be missing out on simply by just not listening to our bodies’ signals to us that we instead use over the counter drugs to mask? Instead of listening to signals of pain, frustration or sadness we are taught to numb them with pharmaceuticals and we keep living on with dysfunctional bodies completely or at least half way disconnected from ourselves.

I am excited to say that today I have cut a quarter off my serotonin pill – this is when I start take charge and turning the wheel around. I am no longer that naïve girl I once was. Today I listen to people who know way more than I do – but most importantly I am reaching out (or in) to listen to my own body.


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