When being wrong is right

As I’m getting more and more open to changes in my life I read and hear things with a new kind of light. I used to hear only what I wanted to hear and fight off everything else. It was as if I was taught not to listen, which is random because listening was all my parents ever wanted me to do while they made it clear that they would also listen to me and my brothers.

To a point we can only understand what we are open to understand and hear. We can only use information that we are open to receive. Some information might just pass though us, unprocessed, like some kind of fibre if we don’t have the right tools to break down and use the goodness in them. We grow up and what we know is all we know – it’s all the tools that we’ve got to take shit in.

The most important thing I’ve learnt this week is that only when I accept that I might not have all the answers all the time and that I don’t have to be right in all situations – that’s when I can open up, learn and widen my inner and outer world. The horizon grow so much bigger, right in front of my eyes, the minute I accept that I’m not right and that I can learn something in every situation. There is no win in being right because you won nothing new to you. It is when you admit that you are wrong and learn to see something new you have really won something!

It is hard, sometimes painful, to admit that I am not right. The hardest part is to let it go – it being any sort of argument or truth that I am holding on to for god knows what reason. It is an act of the ego that wants people to believe that I am sitting on the truth. I gain some kind of respect, I believe, if I know something that other people don’t. But what do I gain from telling people what I know? Respect? I don’t know. But what I do know is that I am not gaining any new knowledge. By constantly being “in the right” I never allow myself to move forward and grow – which is the whole point of living and evolving.

It is a beautiful, peaceful art to be able to silence the ego and listen with a truly open mind, willing to learn and grow from each moment and every conversation rather than using every situation as a performance to outsmart and show off what you believe that you know for sure that other people don’t. It will not get me anywhere, and that is kind of cool to realise and be aware of. Off we go.

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