Navigate in the present through the future?

I’ve really started to wrap my head around why it is so important to set goals and create a dream vision of your future life. Up until now I only thought that this, goal settings, had to do with some magical force that would give me everything I thought about if I believed in it deep enough. In the back of my mind a voice was always asking me if creating visions and setting goals is to escape the present moment and not live here and now. Is dreaming about the future to not live here and now at all? Here is what I just realized:

There is only here and now, that is true. In this moment all we can do is being, doing and acting with what we have in this moment. Each moment also give birth to a new moment in which we will act with what we have got then and there and so on. To have faith and trust in yourself is to believe, know and feel that in the future present moments I will make the right choices with my up to date knowledge and experiences.

But.. “right” choices for what purpose? What is right and what is wrong?

Well, if you dare to dream big (which everyone should learn how to) and listen to what you truly deeply want out of life, if you know where you want to travel mentally and physically – then you can trust that with knowing where you want to go – you will make the right decisions in every moment towards getting there.

If you have no idea where you are heading – the line between right and wrong can feel quite blurry in the moment and it is hard to know what to do right then and there that will bring you closer to your “ideal life situation” or even just create a present life that you can enjoy. In fact, when you have no idea of where you would love to head in life, there might not even be a right or wrong because you have nothing to measure it by. Everything is right and everything is wrong when you don’t care about where you are heading. You might just do what you do whilst you might ask yourself why “luck” never strikes you, or why you never get any good opportunities in life.

If you feel like that, like life hasn’t got your back and that good things never happen to you- you might have to ask yourself if you do know where you would like to go? Because it isn’t until you know what you want out of life that you will be able to act in the present moment in a way that will move you closer to that goal, you will be able to see opportunities that you probably would miss if you didn’t know where you want to head and you would be able to open up to the possibilities around you.

If you for example wish or dream about feeling amazing, being happy with who you are, having a job you love and enjoy life you have to map out what roads you have to travel for that to happen. You might have to make choices in the moment to look after your health through choosing food that will serve your body and gut and commit to meditate for 10-20 minutes every day. You would have to sit down and figure out what you want in your life that would make you happy, what job would fulfill you? Once you know how you would love to feel in the future it is easier for your present self to figure out what to do in each moment and enjoy the choices that you make.

You rarely feel lost if you know that you are on the right track. It is like navigating with your GPS; it will not know what road to turn on to unless there is a destination to navigate towards. In knowing where you are heading you will also appreciate the road – which we know is life. You will take breaks, fill up your tank, meet people along the way and you will also learn new things about the road and about yourself during the ride. The knew knowledge you open up to by being present in each moment will expand you as a person and transform you into a new person and might even transform your goal, and that is more than ok since life is supposed to be dynamic. We have to always be open to change and listen to what we feel here and now and not be scared to try out a new path but without something to reach towards chances are that we might end up our whole lives on the highway, just going and going without ever really seeing the beautiful life around.

So yes, being present in the moment is vital because if you are not present you are never fully living. But if you never know where you are heading, you will keep living in the same present moment forever- until you know where you want to head.

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