Kids party tips

“Indulge their curiosity

The most memorable adventures your kids will have are the ones that get them thinking. Create a mystery at the party and send them on a scavenger hunt to figure it out. Maya Kiusalaas from My Monday Love had this idea:

“Stick objects (toys, keys, an apple) in jars filled with different contents (slime, spaghetti, frozen peas, oats – anything that feels funny). Have the kids cover their eyes or go in a dark room and guess the objects in the jars through sticking their hands in them and feeling the objects out. Creepy and makes them think. It works best if you build up a story around it; The theme of the party can be “Magic forest” and when you arrive you will be told that something terrible has happened; something important has disappeared and the kids [have] to figure out what it is and how to get it back!”
For more on Maya check out Facebook or Instagram.”

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