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I thought I should share this big but little Hot tip that really has improved my health and wellbeing here as well – time restricted eating.

Maya Kiusalaas | My Monday Love

“If I could recommend one thing that would help anyone and everyone it would be to check out time-restricted eating. Coming from a person who has tried all the diets and nutritional shake programs out there – diets are crap. At least if you think long term. Instead, I’ve adopted a time restricted eating where I make sure to eat and drink within a 9 hour time frame. The rest of the time I allow my body to rest.

When the body gets a break from food and metabolism it cleans, maintains and repair (things it cannot do while there is food in the system). Adapting a lifestyle where I give my body 14-16 hours of rest every day has had such a huge impact on my health and wellbeing. I feel lighter, and more aware of what my body is signalling. When I stick to my 9-hour “eating-window” I have so much more energy for working out, my mood is better, my stomach feels under control. Instead of eating by routine I now eat when I am hungry, which before I was always hungry.

I also notice that when I eat late at night I wake up feeling more tired than usual which has taught me to eat my last meal two to three hours before I go to bed.” Find out more about Maya Kiusalaas by following her on Facebook and Instagram.

For a more information about time restricted eating – Dr Satchin Panda and Rhonda Patricks breaks it down for us in this podcast;

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