FreeTheGirl turns INSTAGRAMBOOK!

For a long time I have felt this resentment kind of feeling towards my book, Free the Girl – a story about (finding) self-love. It is hard to explain because I really have put so much of my heart and soul into that book and I want to love and be so proud of it but I haven’t figured out quite how yet!? UNTIL NOW, BECAUSE;

I am turning Free The Girl into an Instagram book!! 

This is a fun new project I have been working on and I am so excited to start releasing the chapters this way. I am sure I will change around my way of doing this as I go, but, no matter how; in 30 days you will be able to read the “whole” book on this Instagram account:

@freethegirl_mayakiusalaas .

Go in and follow it to see the book unfold in front of your eyes! 🙂



“The End , Free the girl as an instagram book:

Over the following 30 days I will upload an Instagram version of Free The Girl, from the last chapter to the first, Star-wars style. Since each chapter can be read individually I picture it to unfold like a rare but beautiful flower here on instagram and at the end of the 30 days the individual posts will become a complete version of the book Free the girl in an Instagram format.

If you know anyone who is currently in search for some self-connection and development invite them to follow this account and come along for the ride.

In this futuristic era we are living in and today we seem to scroll more than we talk to one another, so chances are higher that I’ll come across someone who can benefit from me sharing the mental and physical tools I’ve collected here.

These tools has helped and still are helping me cope with anxiety, depression and guiding me to self-love.

I will also share the people who has inspired me, helped me and brought me information that has helped me shift old truths and beliefs.

This is the sprout of a seed that once was just a thought. I will keep watering and nurse this little by little, day by day until it is ready to take off on its own. Just like the magic of everything that is alive!”


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