I love love.

I love the fact that living a life that you love is a possibility for everyone. The more I live the more I realize that I cannot blame anything other than myself for anything that hasn’t worked out in my own favor. I used to love to find alibis for why things hasn’t worked out for me. “it wasn’t the right time”, “I didn’t have enough money”, “I wasn’t ready” or “they didn’t believe enough in me”. The longer I live and the more I learn I can see that the only reason to why something didn’t work out for me in the past is either because I didn’t give my all or I didn’t continue until I made it work for me. The thing is that anything is possible – the question is how much you really want it?

Mymondaylove is about confronting the fears of not fitting in. It is about confronting the fears of what other people might think of you. It is about confronting everything that is holding me, you and everyone we know back from doing and being anything I you and they really, truly want to be.

Day by day, moment by moment I get aware of situations where I do things just because I think that that is what I am supposed to do. I might say something to please someone, or hold back from saying something for the same reason.

Mymondaylove is an oasis of freedom where I over and over again come to the same conclusion: life is not about pleasing others – it’s about being you.

I love love.

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This is a blog about my failures in life. And what I’ve learnt from them.