Motivation & Information library


School of life - how to be confident
Eckhart Tolle - selfexpression and managing your self


Body Image & Self Love

Iskra Lawrence - Ted talk



Charisma on command - Conor Mcgregor
Brené Brown - emotional vulnerability
Will Smith - possibility
People we know talk possibilities and law of attraction
Winning psychology
How to make a change through your vision


Depression & Anxiety

Kelly Brogan & Marie Forleo - change how you look at depression
Kelly Brogan - Help your brain through your gut


Health & Nutrition

Joe Rogan & Dr. Rhonda Patricks
Joe Rogan & Dr. Rhonda Patricks talk gluten
Wim Hof - The Iceman - a Vice documentary
Wim Hof - The Iceman - Ted talk
A new perspective - Meditation
Train your monkey mind - Meditation


Self Knowledge & Philosophy

Joe Rogan & Jordan Peterson
Joe Rogan & Steven Kotler - creativity


Exercise & Workouts

Joe Rogan & Dr. Rhonda Patricks talk resistance training
Yoga with Adriene


Education & Motivation

Miki Agrawal - Do cool shit

This is a blog about my failures in life. And what I’ve learnt from them.