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Feel. Live. Be.

Ever since we got back from our holidays, Me from first two weeks in Sweden and then another two weeks in NYC with Adrian, friends and family, I’ve been feeling more down than up. It’s like I am not really settled in my life, I’m restless. I do what I do but there is a lack of joy and engagement and I am having a real hard time just being in the moment without constantly worrying or thinking or planning what’s next. I wonder if it is because of the fact (and I hope it is) that I have started to cut down even more on my antidepressants? I take it slow and it is so frustrating to do something without feeling any kind of reward from it. It’s like I’m peddling water. Like I’m standing still and all I want to do is just jump up and down and be involved in my life.

In Sweden I felt absolutely fantastic. I had been sick for a month, I think it was from cutting down  – apparently you can get physically sick, like the flue, from cutting down, who knew that? Honestly, I had all the symptoms; nausea, cough, temperature, blocked sinuses, panik anxiety etc, etc. It was like ‘it’ moved around in my body and settled down at a new place every day. I literally got well again on the flight over to Stockholm, which is another reason to why I think it was a mental reaction gone physical, and well there I felt so perfectly balanced. I didn’t stress over small shitty things that I let take control over me now and I didn’t constantly over think and analyse every single decision I made. I didn’t plan every minute of every day and I tried to make sure to be where I was and with whom I was with 


So comes NYC and I managed to bring that flow into this jack-hammering-city everyone loves, for a while. Sometime after the amazingwedding in Connecticut, where we got a break from the jack hammers and flashing signs, I somehow threw myself out of my own balanced flow and I haven’t really been able to settle down with myself since.  

I am stressing a lot about the small and the big stuff at the moment – which simply needs to stop because stressing and worrying is the opposite to living. I stress about money because I want to be able to plan trips to Sweden without having to let the bank decide for me – at the same time I am not willing to sacrifice my freedom of living a hippie-life with not too many musts – unbalance. I have to accept that trying to discover and engage in a life I love it is going to be a little work since I’m not quite sure what that would look like, yet. I am testing different ways and I know that I will stumble across something I love soon enough, I’m just not patient enough.

I have all these forces inside of me that all want different things – a lot of them contradict each other;

I want money but I refuse to do work I don’t enjoy. I want to feel like I am good enough and I want to feel like the life I live is amazing but I often find myself comparing my life to other peoples lives, thinking they’ve got it all sorted because I see what people are up to. I think that because peoples lives are scheduled they’ve succeeded. I am not super busy by normal western standards, and my mind thinks that because I am not busy every hour of the day I am useless and not worth much. But when I am busy I am not happy. When I have a job to go to I get really bad anxiety, almost panic; it is like my organs forget how to support me and I feel like I have to give up and quit. If I’m not aware I could easily pull my own hair out in panic. I am starting to believe that I not really made for the calendar life. Then my question to myself is; Am I just a pussy? Have everybody got screaming anxiety when they “have to” be somewhere? I feel like such a failure when I wake up to a mood and emotions that just hammer me with complete resignation.

Theoretically I know that I am very lucky – I really am! But why can’t I feel it? Why can’t I be in it? Why have I got such a hard time just living and enjoying it? (I really hope this is just my anti-depressants numbing…the real me. And as soon as I am done with this shit it wont be such a struggle just to land and be present in a moment).

I get it down to the fact that my mind is caught up in the doing and I am trying to find a way towards the being, that’s the mission I am on. I want to explore, enjoy and experience but at the moment I do too much planning, thinking and worrying.

I have to stop planning and start feeling, stop worrying and start living, stop expecting and just fucking be a part of my own life.


Silent martyr


I’m guilty of waiting around for change to happen to me, for others to change things for me.. I remember when I was younger and did gymnastics. We went on a camp for a week and I felt like the trainers was pushing us too hard, but I couldn’t say it. You know that feeling, I suppose it might be pride I’m talking about, when you want people to see that you are doing something until you crash. That they see that they make you do something until you crash. I wanted to faint so that the trainers would know that they pushed us too hard, but instead of pushing myself too hard I tried different breathing techniques so that I would faint. This is so ridiculous I’m hesitating to even write this. I didn’t faint, I was just grumpy and angry it would seem. I could’ve just used my voice, but then they would’ve  seen me as weak. I didn’t want to tell them. I wanted to show them.

The same theory can be applied to my life today too. I’m not walking around trying to faint instead of talking, but sometimes I’m too proud to ask for help or to say no to things. And when someone expect me to do something I find it hard to let that person or those people down. And to be honest I think that doesn’t come from a genuine place of caring all the time, I think it might be coming from a place of me being some kind of martyr. The ironic thing is that I never really do anything that martyr-like. People wouldn’t notice when I’m in my own head not asking for help or saying yes to things I should say no to. They wouldn’t for a second think that I sacrifice my time or body. They would think “sweet” and move on. And there I am, doing all this shit, thinking I’m over doing everything, without telling anyone and no one will notice, but me. I’m sure my gymnastic teachers just thought I was being grumpy and uneasy to have around the team when I was in this “martyr-mode”, never did they thing that they were pushing us to hard. Same rules apply today. So I have to swallow my stupid pride in situations like this and just understand that no-one will be affected by me staying true to what I want except me, in a positive way.

This behaviour or thinking pattern must come from a place where I compare myself with others. Instead of allowing others to be able to do more than I do in certain situations or areas in their life, without complaining, I go silently but angry and try to do the same, but I cannot do it without feeling like I’m sacrificing myself. I think that’s a good sign of not doing something;  when I think that I’m sacrificing my time or my body. Then I know that  I have to stop comparing myself to what others are doing and accept that I’m not where they are and I don’t have to be. We actually are different and we do handle all situations different. I just have to allow for this to be what it is, push myself where I feel happy to, and let others be better at things that doesn’t give me joy. Be proud of not doing everything. There is pride in that too.

The world isn’t depending on me, and even if it was, I couldn’t do everything alone either. That’s why people do better in groups – you support each other.

Comparing yourself with others

IMG_4757 People who inspire me are those who do things wholehearted. People who inspire me are those who doesn’t complain, but instead make the best out of each situation. It’s also those who take time to do what they love to do, and not just keep doing shit that they think that others want them to do. There is nothing more inspiring than a person who do what they love and love what they do.

I’m not always that person. Bu I always admire that person. I aim to be that person. What I’ve learnt though is not to compare myself with others. I do that a lot and I have to constantly snap out of it and see me for who I am, not for who I am compared to someone else.

Life isn’t a competition, and it doesn’t matter what you are in comparison to someone else if you aren’t working towards being the best of your ability.

I usually think about what others can manage to do in a day, what workouts people do compared to what I do, what others eat, where they live, how they act etc. But none of that matters. If I try to do what everyone else do to be like them, that isn’t going to fulfill me, and it’s not going to make me a better person. It is only going to make me feel worse about me, because I am not doing all these things for me. I’m doing it because other people are doing it.

I find it easier to compare myself to others than not. But I now consciously make an effort not to compare myself with people around me. From time to time I have to remind myself of this, since I’ve lived for so long just comparing myself to everyone on earth without giving myself any credit.

And ever since I started to run my own race, do what makes me purely happy, practice gratitude for what I’ve got, and stop pushing myself to do things because someone else is doing it I feel so much more relaxed. I also feel like I’m more settled in my own body. I feel so much happier for what I’ve got and who I am and I can also be happier for others when good things happen to them. When I love me, I can love others.

When in doubt


The last few weeks, I’ve made a few huge changes in my attitude towards life. Some might think that it’s only a matter of time before I go all extreme again, because that’s what I do. But I don’t. Something snapped for me in Stockholm. And I’m ready to live to the fullest of my potential. In that being said, of course my past extreme living thoughts and rules are sometimes playing up in my head. I’ve got those voices telling me I’m no one without constantly being that person my rules made me. I’m no one if I don’t work out constantly. The thing is, I worked out like crazy, which was the only way that I new in order to find peace of mind, and so that I could eat and not get fat, but even doing what I was doing I constantly felt that I could/should do more. Eat less. I always felt guilty eating even when I had had a huge workout. Crazy how the brain work. You give an inch and it takes a mile. All the damn time. Never satisfied.

 I never want to be that person who can’t be because I’m too busy thinking about what’s not perfect with how I look

I do find myself in those thought patterns sometimes. I think I should do this so that I can enjoy that… But then I stop myself, I catch myself in those thoughts and say to my brain that I have to do nothing in order to deserve food and love. Nothing. I find myself comparing me towards others. I see their beauty and I struggle to see my own, and then I stop myself. It’s ridiculous. It’s such a vain struggle I’m fighting. Even though I know that deep, deep down it’s probably not about looks, and that I don’t have to compliment my own look in order to find self-love. I have to see the beauty inside, and that’s where the solution is. The love. I know I’ve got a good heart. And I have a lot of love to give. A lot.  I never want to be that person who can’t be because I’m too busy thinking about what’s not perfect with how I look. That’s not who I am. And not who I want to be.

It’s what you spend time nourishing that grows

So with so many big changes coming so fast, of course there are times of struggle, times of not a hundred percent optimism and giggles. But I’ve learnt now that it’s what you focus on that gets bigger. It’s what you spend time nourishing that grows. And the thing that you don’t give any attention, not give into, that slowly fades. Get smaller. Less important.

I focus on love. People. Happiness. Health. Peace of mind. That’s what I want to nourish. That’s what I want to grow. So that’s where my focus is at.