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Can a life without booze be exciting?

Here is a link to a blogpost I wrote for the Hellosundaymorning community! For you who haven´t heard about it it is similar to Facebook and Linkedin but for people who are becoming aware of their relationship to alcohol. This is such a good meeting-place for those who are struggling with addiction or simply want to change their priorities in life!

Have a read here:


Always  love, Maya

My inspiration to do good

I look back at times and see what my reality was like and I wish for nobody to feel that obsessed with being perfect and accepted. It’s simply a distraction from what life is really all about. Being happy, enjoy, learn and share moments with people you can do all of that with. LAUGH for goodness sake. Maybe it is a journey that is so different for everyone that sharing my mistakes isn’t near enough. Because in the end, the things that I suddenly realized people had told me over and over again, and I had listened but not felt and truly made the connection inside me that what they were saying was the truth.

You cannot change something overnight unless you feel the change inside you. I believe that you can be inspired by changes and shifts within and the more inspired you are to make good changes the closer to that emotional shift you will get. It’s more than frustrating sometimes when you try so hard but don’t feel what you want to feel, but that’s where faith and trust are so important. Believe that if you just keep reaching for that peace of mind you want to feel, you will get there in time.

I thought that I should share some sources of inspirations that I have, who has taught me a lot about health, freedom, dreams and love. I believe that listening to them has conditioned me so that now I can experience this love for myself and the world, and finally, after so many years of war in my head, have a peace of mind.

Miki Agrawal – FUCK! Her and her twin sister are the coolest girls I am inspired by at the moment. I have just finished Miki’s book “Do cool shit” and it made my mind spin, my inspiration flourish and my hunger for doing amazing shit in this world spike. She is genuine, loving, forgiving, honest, creative, driven, sharing, caring and so inspiring. INSPIRATION, ACTION, EMPATHY

Tony Robbins – He is actually one of the most inspiring persons out there and I love listening to him when I feel stuck, because it always inspire me to take some actions towards being who I want to be and doing what I want to do. ACTIO

Rhonda Patricks – investigates everything that has to do with longevity. Instead of focusing on weight loss and transforming your body she focuses on how nutrition and exercise affects your mind and body – within. She is so passionate about feeding your body the best so that you can make the most out of your life. HEALTH and CURIOSITY

Joe Rogan – I love that he has created a platform where he can be free and curious. No-one can tell him how to act, what to say or not to say. His job is to be as much himself as he possible can, and that is my biggest goal. His podcasts are so interesting since he always interviews people who are one of the best in their fields and he ask them the exact questions that I am interested in. I love that he doesn’t follow any rules or restrictions. FREEDOM and CURIOSITY

Wim Hof – His method has changed my life and health amazingly. Now my whole family are breathing and cold showering like mad people. HEALTH

Robert Castillo – I really enjoy listening to Robert talking about the purpose of life when I feel anxious. You know that feeling when you feel semi guilty about doing fuck all or maybe feeling like you aren’t doing anything “important” with your life but in that moment you simply need to just breath. Listen to Robert and understand that life is perfect just the way it is, even when you feel sad or angry, frustrated or extremely happy. He talks in a way that make me realise that everything I feel and do are for a good reason. When we try to control things, that’s when we start to create our own problems. Live and let life flow the way it is supposed to. LOVE

Do what I love


Ok, I want to be successful. In something. I feel that I have a lot to give, but don’t know where I want, can and should put my focus. I don’t know where I would enjoy spending my time. I’ve thought of a lot of things. Creating my own happiness company, helping businesses to take care of their employees, creating an app, a website, a tool for happiness seekers. But all of this has run out in the sand because my whole heart hasn’t been in it. Who am I to tell corporate businesses how they can run a happy business when I have no idea what it is like to work there. I mean, I could probably help a little, but to really make a difference would mean a lot of work that I’m not truly ready to invest in.

Since I was a little kid I’ve wanted to be everything from a doctor, psychiatrist, teacher and writer. All of these roles I’ve seen myself helping girls like myself. When someone I know is struggling I itch to tell them all about how I’ve dealt with similar issues. It can be about everything from a cold to a deep depression. I want to help. When I meet young girls at my job I can’t wait to chat with them. I want to inspire them to love themselves and have fun in life. I want to show them that life is not about perfection, is about fulfilment. It’s not about being successful in something you don’t enjoy. Its about succeeding with making time for what you love.

I’ve understood that spending my time doing that, being around young girls that I can help finding inner love, is what I want to dedicate my time to. That’s my passion. So in one way or another I’ll find a way to do just that.

Living the easy life, not the happy one

ivomayaWhat do you do when what used to motivate you doesn’t anymore? Does that mean that it is time for a change? Is it right to try to re-gain the motivation or simply follow the path where getting motivated doesn’t feel like an effort?

That sort of speak for itself doesn’t it, if you are drawn to something, feel inspired and motivated to proceed to grow it, maybe that’s where all your focus should be?

I meet so many people every day and I love to ask them what they are up to in their lives. I love to listen and I love to learn from all the people I meet. Yesterday I met a young girl, a lawyer. Cool I thought, a lot of work goes into becoming a lawyer, and before I got the chance to ask how she finds it she said “I fucking hate it”. She is so young and I thought, when did she realise that she hated what she was doing? And why did she continue? She wanted to work with animals she said, but didn’t have any plans on changing career. Why? She had nothing lined up.

This girl is my biggest fear. To be that girl how’ll end up doing something that drains her. Dreaming of animals whilst dealing with public law. This is my biggest fear, not only because she is doing something she doesn’t love, but also because she doesn’t understand that she is the only one that can change it. Nothing will just line up if she doesn’t look for it. No one will knock on her door with a zoo in a basket.

“why the fuck didn’t I do this sooner”

This scenario scares me because it is so easy to go the safe way. It’s so easy to go the way you know, because the unknown is too scary. It’s too many what if’s and what if not’s. As humans, our brains want answers and certainty. And leaving a reality, where you have got all the answers and jumping into a life where each day is full of unanswered questions can seem impossible. It is under no control, and our brains need to be able to control shit. But that time of being surrounded by unanswered uncontrollable questions could lead you into a future where you love every second of your life. It could take you somewhere where you look back and ask yourself “why the fuck didn’t I do this sooner”. Because we always look back wondering why we worried too much. Change is always easier when you look back on it. We worry about shit that can happen, but the fact is that when shit actually happen we just deal with it. It’s the worrying about the shit that can possibly happen that is the hard part, not dealing with the shit. Because when you deal with the shit you take actions. You do and you grow. Worrying get’s you nowhere. The only thing we have to do is just follow what we love and trust that along the way we will get the answers our brain needs to create the control it needs, deal with the shit we need to deal with so that we can go where we need to go. So that we can live the life that we are happy living.